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The 4WD experience is truly unique ..........and even better on Eyre Peninsula.


Owning a four wheel drive gives each of our members the ability to experience fantastic trips, undertake specialised 4WD training and enjoy the many social events we have.




Our Recommendation

By joining the Eyre Peninsula Four Wheel Drive Club any 4WD enthusiast will be given the opportunity to get advise before embarking on remote trips, recovery techniques and bush camping. When considering such trips it is essential that adequate research and planning are undertaken, vehicles are in good condition, sufficient food and water, fuel, equipment (including communication devices) and spares relevant to the excursion are carried.


The information within this site is general in nature and as such does not constitute advice.

To contact us, write to the Eyre Peninsula Four Wheel Drive Club Inc, P.O. Box 1903, PORT LINCOLN S.A. 5606..

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